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"I came to Sarah last year in desperation of guidance and she has never fallen short to give me that. I send her in depth weekly check ins to show her  for my daily eating habits, my workout progress for the week and my progress photos. Doing this had absolutely helped me to stay on track because it helps to have someone not only keep you accountable but also to be there to provide feedback when you can’t seem to find the answers to why your results aren’t showing. She has been there to help me get my motivation back, to be an ear when I’m frustrated at not seeing the results I wanted or to give me nutrition ideas/advice. More importantly, she has been a mentor to me not only for my health/fitness, but in life in general. She has became a friend and someone I feel close with. I’ve never really been an open person, but Sarah has made me feel comfortable enough to open up to her about my past struggles with food, emotional eating, past traumas, etc. I’ve learned that our past truly does take a toll on our bodies whether we consciously realize it or not. This can also be hindering progress which I had no idea about. She provides such great resources to help educate you and tools to implement to help reach your goals which I found very helpful. If I EVER have questions or am confused about something, I ALWAYS get a prompt response and a very in-depth response. It shows she genuinely cares about her clients and their success. 

Working with Sarah has taught me the true meaning of what it’s like to look in the mirror and actually accept the reflection looking back at me. I have always struggled with self love and comparing myself to others. First and foremost, before even diving into my fitness, she stopped me in my tracks and called me out with my negative self talk, which is exactly what WE ALL NEED. It honestly opened my eyes because I have never had someone come at me with such inspirational truth about loving myself.

I am still a work in progress in all aspects of my journey, but one thing I can say for certain is that working with Sarah has made a positive impact on my life and my fitness journey. I can’t wait to continue working with her to see what we accomplish. 

You have taught me even when I slip up and fall short, that it’s okay and to get right back on track.  It’s important to have someone push you out of that feeling so you don’t dwell there and end up sabotaging your progress. Get knocked down, stand right back up".


"I met Sarah at work and she quickly became one of my favorite co workers. As I got to know Sarah I learned that she too struggled with some of the same issues I’d struggled with in the past. I was in awe of her and all her hard work. I followed her fitness page for probably a good four months before I took a chance and joined one of her challenges. I was terrified of failing but Sarah was so kind, sweet, understanding and patient. She helped me figure out what worked best for me and my busy schedule. She took the time to explain to me the importance of macros and consistency. How important nutrition would be in the process. I can say that I have not once felt deprived or like I was on a diet. Did I change things in my diet? Of course, but it’s because she helped me be aware of how important it is to fuel my body with the right kinds of food and how to find a balance. I have been working with Sarah for a while now and the physical and emotional changes I have seen in myself are amazing! I did fall a couple times. When I was hard on myself, Sarah was there to remind me why I started in the first place and that I am human. She didn’t let me fail. Sarah was so understanding, supportive motivating and encouraging. As a coach she always made herself available even though she herself has a busy schedule, her response never short or rushed but well thought out and personal. I learned there would always be road blocks but with her help she has thought me how to overcome them and keep going in my journey to a much healthier me. Before I began working with Sarah I would do crash diets. I would skip meals and then go on a binge. I would lose weight and then gain it right back. I would be so hard on myself because I was not building muscle or toning the way I wanted. Yes I had to put in the work but with her as my coach holding me accountable and with her support I have learned a whole new lifestyle that I have been sticking to. I can not express enough how much Sarah has helped me. Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I felt she truly cared about me and my success. She has helped me find a confidence in myself I didn’t think I had. I can’t thank her enough for all her love and support!!"


"Working with Sarah was a huge blessing that I’m not even sure if I can put into words. I knew ahead of time that she struggled with some of the same things I struggled with but was able to overcome them with hard work and being mindful. For about 5-6 years I struggled with emotional eating and food addiction so right away I knew I needed someone who would understand. Sarah was just the right person. She helped me realize that I needed to work on myself internally before I could see external changes and she reminded me that this is a process and this 12 weeks was just part of that process. Throughout the twelve weeks of working with Sarah, I didn’t see much physical change, but I wish there was a way for me to share my mental and emotional transformation because the change in those two things feels like I’ve lost 100 pounds.


I realized that I was never actually taught how to truly take care of myself in times of struggle and need so my default was to turn to food. Sarah helped me realize that the BEST way to self-care is to fuel myself with healthy, nutritious food and to get exercise daily. Just that little change in my thought process made so many light bulbs go off in my head and towards the end of our three months working together, SO many things came together. I NEEDED these 12 weeks with her guidance, kindness, willingness to listen, and motivation. As a coach, she was always there when I needed her and her responses were so well thought out and personal. Sarah cared about me every step of the way and I felt that she truly wants to see me succeed. Sarah, thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your love, kind heart, and passion for helping others. I don’t think you will ever know how much you have helped me heal over the last 12 weeks."


“My experience working with Sarah has been amazing! She is so knowledgeable about all things dealing with health and wellness that most of us don’t even think about on our fitness journeys. Yes you need to focus on diet and exercise but Sarah also brought me up to speed with the importance of things like macros, hydration, and adequate amount of sleep. Another thing I love about her is that she doesn’t talk down to you; she is so relatable and understanding! Overall, she’s a great coach for all the help you need with fitness and a great motivator!”


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